Sunday, May 17, 2015

Change your Think into a Thunk: Types of Thinking in Social Classes

I have talked about changing your think into a thunk before. What I mean by this is learning to think differently about money. For my personal journey, I remember literally having to change from a poor mindset into a wealthier one. Here is a chart that talks about different mindsets in different social classes from the book Bridges Out of Poverty. I hope you can read it easily. 

You may recognize yourself in some of these thinking patterns. It is not necessary to completely change your thinking if you see value to a certain mindset. However, when money is seen, for example as something only to be used or spent and not something to be managed, it can really keep you from growing financially. You may feel you have nothing to manage, but managed pennies turn into managed dollars. I am reading a book right now that I intend to do a blog on later about a man who started out working at McDonalds and still works there who is now a millionaire. Truly, what you do with your money matters sometimes more than how much you make.

So, hopefully you can use this chart to challenge your thinking a bit and find out where you fit. If you think poor, you can work on changing that mindset a bit.

Happy savings!

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  1. I like that statement "WHAT you do with your moment matters more than how much you make." Isn't that the truth! Great post, and I was able to see the picture, and believe I fall mostly into middle class :)