Saturday, May 23, 2015

Change Your Think into a Thunk: Flipping Burgers to Flipping Millions

I just finished a book my daughter recommended called Flipping Burgers to Flipping Millions.
There is a thought process today that people are hurting financially simply because they don't make enough money. Although making more money never hurts in that regard, I would like to suggest that perhaps what we think about money is more important than how much of it we make. The author of this book has demonstrated this in his life. He has worked for McDonalds all his life. He started at an entry level position there and put up with the guffaws about him "only" working for McDonalds. He is now a multi-millionaire.

 Bernard talks about doing meaningful work and how all work can be meaningful. Instead of looking down on burger flipping, he focuses on the positives and shows how it is a service. He shows how all honest work is worth doing.

 In the below charts, Bernard shows how he started small and worked his way up to overseeing a number of stores. He shows how since he started saving for retirement young and didn't touch the money, that he will be set for life and his descendants will also be set.

The book is primarily for young people to be inspired to start saving young. However, it is good to start at any age. What I love about this book is that it thoroughly empowers people to do what they can with what they have and that they can make a difference for themselves by doing small things now. 

Happy Savings!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Change your Think into a Thunk: Types of Thinking in Social Classes

I have talked about changing your think into a thunk before. What I mean by this is learning to think differently about money. For my personal journey, I remember literally having to change from a poor mindset into a wealthier one. Here is a chart that talks about different mindsets in different social classes from the book Bridges Out of Poverty. I hope you can read it easily. 

You may recognize yourself in some of these thinking patterns. It is not necessary to completely change your thinking if you see value to a certain mindset. However, when money is seen, for example as something only to be used or spent and not something to be managed, it can really keep you from growing financially. You may feel you have nothing to manage, but managed pennies turn into managed dollars. I am reading a book right now that I intend to do a blog on later about a man who started out working at McDonalds and still works there who is now a millionaire. Truly, what you do with your money matters sometimes more than how much you make.

So, hopefully you can use this chart to challenge your thinking a bit and find out where you fit. If you think poor, you can work on changing that mindset a bit.

Happy savings!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Foraging for Fiddleheads

In my area, it's fiddlehead season! I picked these in the photo a couple of days ago. These taste like a cross between asparagus and green beans and are quite good! Some are poisonous so you have to make sure to pick the right kind!

Here is a how to on fiddleheads!

Happy Savings!

How I Saved $11.76 for 10 Minutes of Work. Hey, That's $70.56 per Hour!

Yesterday, I ordered some of this from Swanson Vitamins. First, I looked on Retail Me Not for a coupon code so I got 10% off for that. But then, I found a competitor who had the supplement for much less. I had other items I wanted from Swanson so I still went ahead with the order.

I wrote to Swanson and told them of the competitor's price and sent them the link to the competitor.

Here is their reply:

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for contacting Swanson Health Products.
We would be happy to price match these items for you! Please be assured that a $11.76 credit has been issued on your order number.

So, I was paid $11.76 for about 5-10 minutes of my time. If you figure that as 10 minutes work and x that by 6 that is equivalent to $70.56 per hour. It pays to do a little extra homework! 

Happy Savings. 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Inexpensive and Refreshing Light Summer Drink

This is a lemonade I make in the summer. However, it is not the heavy, syrupy lemonade you buy in the store. It is better for you and very light and refreshing. I take a lemon, cut it in half, squeeze the juices into a large pitcher and add sugar to taste. I like to add just enough sugar to make it sweet but still very light. The real lemon makes it so refreshing and much better for you. I make a gallon with a whole lemon but if you wanted to squeeze your pennies a bit further, you could use 1/2 a lemon. 

Here I have some canned plums. Later on, when the plums are gone, I will take this leftover syrup/juice and add it to the drink for a little bit of a different taste and some savings on sugar. .

Happy Savings!

A Cheap Greenhouse for the Lazy Gardener

I must confess I am a lazy gardener. I don't like to start my tomatoes inside and then transplant them outside again. I often just plant the seeds right in the ground. I have used cut empty milk-jugs for mini-greenhouses before but I didn't have any this year so I re-used the jugs that I had collected sap in to make maple syrup. The milk jugs worked well in the past so I suspect these will work well as well. I should have maybe cut them to use one per plant rather than two, but, being the lazy gardener I am, I have faith that it will all work out and it usually does. :)

I have my complete garden in already this year which is a head start! It has been so warm this year already. This is why I really got to thinking about little greenhouses in case the temperature dips. I put the seeds into the ground, watered it and plopped the container on top. I will keep an eye on them once they pop up to make sure they don't over heat.

Here is an article about using jugs as a complete el cheapo greenhouse. There is no need to spend oodles of money on a greenhouse if you don't want to!

(Photo taken from another milk jugs as greenhouse site)

Happy savings!