Saturday, October 31, 2015

Eating on a Dime: One Meal to Save you Money

Today I made this yummy split pea soup! I used half of the split peas in this bag so the split peas themselves cost $1.10. 

Yesterday, I used up some ham that I had packaged up that I wrote about in another blog.

I used the meat for sandwiches for 6 people yesterday and then I used the rest of the bone in part to boil into this soup. It was $1.58 lb and this part with the bone was probably two pounds when I pulled it out of the freezer so once the meat was cut off for sandwiches, let's say one pound, is a total of $1.58 for the ham. 

                                     I used old bacon fat to add that I had saved and frozen.

I added celery flakes, garlic, salt and pepper. 

After yesterday's sandwiches, these were leftover so I warmed them up to go with the soup for .45.
 I served them with homemade pickled okra and cheese. The cheese I had gotten on sale $4.98 for 2 lbs and we used it to sprinkle on the soup. We ate about half of the soup tonight and have half leftover for tomorrow's meal! So, altogether, this meal for tonight cost about $2.54 total and it served 4 people which comes up to .64 a serving! Making an inexpensive meal like this every week, if you are used to paying $10.00 per meal can save you almost $30.00 in one month!

Happy Savings!


  1. AND not only is it frugal it sounds GOOD, too! Great job! xo Diana

    1. ~simply frugalynne~November 2, 2015 at 6:33 PM

      Thanks NanaDiana! I always appreciate your comments!

  2. I love saving money like this... making meals last longer than just one round of cooking is always a bonus for me!