Friday, November 27, 2015

Why I Don't Shop Black Friday Sales

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I don't go out on Black Friday. I usually stay home and catch up on housecleaning and put up my Christmas decorations. The main reason for this is that I don't like big crowds and having to fight my way for deals. You can get some good deals on Black Friday. If I were looking for a certain big ticket item, I might look for a Black Friday deal, but probably not. 

As far as smaller deals, I find I can get smaller deals all year round if I just keep my eyes out for them. I don't have to get up early in the morning and fight for these deals, I can just quietly get them and put them up for Christmas.

As for the bigger deals, I am more likely to look on Craigslist for something used unless it is an electronic item. Electronics can be harder to get used. But often, Black Friday big ticket items have a limited number of items they are selling so, if I got up, camped out and fought other people for these items, the item might not even be available by the time I got to the counter. 

Some people enjoy Black Friday sales with family and love the competition. They look at it as a game and go with sisters etc and then have lunch together. For some people it is just fun and although they are hoping for some deals the focus is more on fun and time together. I think these are some good, fun reasons if you like that sort of thing and don't mind the crowds.

For me, often you'll just find me quietly enjoying the day, putting up my tree, cleaning and getting caught up (because I always need to catch up! Ha!)

For the rest of you, enjoy the sales and Happy Savings! 

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  1. Good for you! We never shop on Black Friday either. We like to visit with family and friends, and enjoy the weekend without all the push and shoving that goes on, lol!