Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Simple, Easy Recipes for Beginners

A while back, I was listening to someone who works at a food bank. She said if there are fresh potatoes available, most people won't take them, they want boxed potatoes because they don't know how to do anything with the fresh ones. I thought that was tragic for many reasons. First of all, fresh potatoes are healthier. They are also less expensive. Years ago, in school, we had a class called Home Economics that taught kids how to do some of these things. Apparently, they are not teaching people these things now. So, people really need to take it upon themselves to learn some of these things for their own benefit.

One of my favorite and very easy ways to make baked potatoes is in the microwave. First, wash potato. Next, put in microwave wrapped in small towel for about 6 minutes or until tender. Take out, load with butter, sour cream, cheese and bacon bits or ham. Voila! Easy breezy meal.

Here are some links to some other easy meals for beginners. Cooking has a bit of a learning curve but it is much healthier and less expensive and tastes so much better! And once you learn how, it gets easier and easier.

I would scrub some potatoes and cook them with the next two. I also would throw in some onion and carrots with the Roast Beef. It all cooks at once!

Roast Chicken:

Roast Beef

I would heat some tomato soup with the next one!

Grilled Cheese

Scrambled Eggs

These are good to start with and there are many easy recipes to be found online. Pretty soon, you'll be cooing like a pro!

Happy Eating and Happy Savings!


  1. Oh how I love potatoes, and your baked potato just made me VERY hungry! I agree, today kids are not being taught any basics about cooking in school at all! I have tossed the idea around several times about holding little cooking classes for my kids and their friends but have never gotten around to doing it. A very good post, and good recipes too! Hope you are doing well! :)

    1. Yes, we are well! Hope you are well too. A cooking class for kids sounds like a great idea!

  2. I just had a baked potato for dinner tonight -loaded down and it was so good. I have a granddaughter that is only 12 and she is going to be a smash up cook-loves it and I am so glad to see her cooking and baking. Trying to get a few blog visits in tonight while hubby is feeling good. xo Diana

    1. Loaded baked potatoes are a comfort food, aren't they? Glad your granddaughter is cooking and baking. It's such an important skill!