Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Thrift Store Deals! Patio Door Curtain Find!

 Thrift stores are great places to find some great deals. I was so excited to find these curtains! I had just been thinking about getting some curtains. The problem for me was that I have three patio doors that needed matching curtains and the chances of finding that was very slim at a thrift store. I had just started looking and almost forgot to look the second week, when I felt a little internal nudge to go look.

I was so excited to find three sets right away and in colors that look great in my living room and dining room! Each set was $5.99. I also needed three matching rods and I got the rods for $9.99 each at Wal-Mart. So, I was able to decorate with these three sets for under $50.00. I think someone upstairs was looking out for me this day.

There are lots of great deals at thrift stores and thrift sales. My house rarely has anything brand new. Buying the rods new was a bit of a step out for me but I knew I wasn't going to get the look I needed unless I bought the rods new. A single similar curtain at Wal-mart is about $11.00, so the 6 would have cost about $66.00 plus the rods for $30.00 for a total of $96.00 new for a difference of $46.00 in savings.

Happy Savings!


  1. Those look great and what a buy. You could not even buy one yard of fabric for $5.99!!! Great find. xo Diana

  2. Wow! What an amazing find - three, the same color, style, and exactly what you needed, at a thrift store! YES! The Lord was looking out for you... I love times like this when you just feel like you got a hug from the Lord with such a sweet deal :)

    1. Yes, it did feel like a hug from the Lord! Always appreciate your comments SpicingUpIdaho!

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  4. My wife is constantly shopping at thrift stores, and I've never been able to understand the appeal. Now that I've seen the photo's you've posted, though, I have a better understanding and appreciation for thrift store shopping. I'm impressed that you’re able to find brand new curtains for your home, and at such an affordable price.

    Franklin Stewart @ Muller Exteriors