Tuesday, December 15, 2015

How to Cure a Sinus Infection at Home

Every winter, I seem to be plagued with a sinus infection. Around November or early December, I start feeling the tell-tale signs of the ominous doom coming upon me. I hate the sinus infection itself, but I hate going to the doctor possibly even more.

Last year, I had a trip to California right at the same time I got a sinus infection, so, I went in to the doctor. I was prescribed antibiotics but it didn't help. So, I was prescribed another round and again, it didn't help. So, I not only spent a lot of money but the sinus infection wasn't cured either. Now, I am not a medical professional and I will not tell you when and when not to see a doctor but I will tell you that I tend to simply avoid doctors for sinus infections because it seems to be a waste of time and money. If you are prone to sinus infections and know when you have one and have experimented with doctors, you too may know when to go and when not to go. From the layman's view, in my opinion, it is trial and error. It is known that bacteria have been becoming more resistant in recent years and what was once easily cured is not so much anymore.

So, I have my own personal arsenal. I actually have more in my arsenal than the above products but I will just cover these items for today.

Essence C is a generic Emergen-C. This is a high potency vitamin C powder that can be poured into a drink. I take this and I also take zinc and some other supplements.

Flonase is a nasal spray that used to be prescription.  You can get it over the counter now. It shouldn't be used for long periods of time but in certain situations, it can really help keep the nasal inflammation down. Be sure to follow instructions.

Raw honey. This is great in tea or with some squeezed lemon and cinnamon. Raw honey has enzymes in it that regular honey doesn't.

GSE is grapeseed extract. This is a natural antibiotic that I sometimes use.

And then, the wonderful NeilMed sinus rinse. If you've never used this, it can seem odd at first but it works really nicely. I buy the pre-mixed packets of salt and baking soda. You can make these yourself for next to nothing but I find it stings my nose if I don't use the pre-mixed ones. You can find a recipe here: http://www.thehippyhomemaker.com/diy-neti-pot-sinus-rinse-refills/  (I see she uses epsom salts. I may have to try that. I hate paying for the packets.)

Beyond that, I get lots of rest, avoid sugar and drink plenty of fluids! I eat oranges and grapefruit. I also take steamy hot showers and baths to try and work it out of my system. You would think with all that, I'd be up in a couple days but nope, it takes me quite some time. Regardless, I know that the times I have not done these things, I have been much worse off.

Last year, with two rounds of antibiotics from the doctor, it took me a month to get over a sinus infection, the longest time it ever took me. So, I'll have to be pretty bad off to try that again. Until then, I will use these things and take a hot water bottle to bed.

Happy Savings!


  1. I hope you get better quickly! You have a great arsenal of things to help you get through this, and without the need of antibiotics too! Have you considered your issue being an allergic one? As it seems to come every year at the same time? I just had that thought. Lots of hugs, prayers and well wishes sent to you, hoping you get to feeling better soon!

    1. Hello!! Yes, I do believe it is an allergic one. I am allergic to dust mites and I believe it has to do with the furnace starting to run! Thank you for the hugs, prayers and well wishes! I am starting to feel better already. ;)