Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Save up to $20.00 with Walgreens Jingle Cash!

Every year around Christmas, Walgreens has Jingle Cash. You can save up to $20.00 with Jingle Cash. See the below chart:
 I bought $50.00 worth of merchandise last week and I will use this $10.00 off coupon this week. I also purchased an item that will be free to me after using this $2.00 rewards coupon.
To make the maximum savings, I browse the Walgreens flyer and find items that I need and am getting low on. This way, I make sure the items I get are on sale in the first place. I find if you do not do this, you may be going through extra work and not really saving anything.

So, step 1: Browse Walgreens flyer and make a list.

If you do not have a Walgreens Rewards card, you will need to sign up for one. I have mixed feelings about rewards cards but I do have one for Walgreens.

Walgreens has losts of rules for using the rewards cards. One big thing to remember is you can't use any rewards and gain rewards on the same transaction. For example, if the flyer says you can gain 2000 rewards points on a purchased item, you won't gain those points if you are using jingle cash or spending any rewards at the same time.

Step 2: Get a rewards card and remember you cannot GAIN and SPEND rewards on the same transaction. Your Walgreens may also have other rules so check with your store for all terms and conditions.

I find that regardless of terms this still can be a great deal.

Step 3: Buy your items.

Step 4: Get your Jingle Cash and NOTE THE EXPIRATION DATES. These will not be honored after they expire.

Step 5: Get the new flyer the next week and buy sale items with your Jingle Cash on the correct dates.

You should also note that Walgreens has coupons on their website that you can clip right to your Walgreens card. Just remember the rewards rules. You can do this system all year long with Walgreens minus the Jingle Cash.

Happy Savings!

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  1. I love deals like this! It feels so great to be able to save this kind of money on products you need. Awesome! :)