Sunday, February 14, 2016

Clearance Bonanza! Shop Clearance to Save Lots of Money! Make $57.21 Per Hour (More or Less!)

I got a ton of things last week on Clearance at Wal-Mart and Wal-Greens. I love finding things on clearance that I will eventually use anyway and even a few things that are just nice to have. February is typically a great month for clearance. Most times I shop, I breeze past the clearance aisles. Very often, I buy nothing. The reason for this is I often find the prices to be what I have called for many years "pretend clearancing". This is when the store wants to get the items gone but are not lowering the prices too much yet. However, last time I went by the aisles, they were serious about getting rid of the items. Stores often want to get rid of inventory in the February to April range for tax reasons, so it is a good idea to have some money set aside for clearance items during this time.

Here are some of the items I got:

Hat: (Normally $6.75 Now: $1.00) $6.75/$1.00
Patio Cleaning Sponge: $5.00/$1.00
Bandage Wrap: $3.50/$1.00
Crest Sensi-Stop Strips $14.88/$1.00
Safe Harbor Natural SunScreen: $7.97/$1.00
Natural Dramamine (4) $4.88/ $1.00
Bi-Fold Door Repair Kit $4.97/$1.00
Pool Repair Kit $4.97/$1.00
Biotin $10.88/$5.00
Oral B Toothbrush Pack $4.88/$1.00
Acetaminophen $8.79/$1.09
Gift Card Holders $1.96/ .50
Vitamin C $4.44/$2.00
Cinnamon $4.88/$2.00
Lip Balm (2) $2.97/$1.00
Reach Floss $4.88/$1.00
Gift Tags $2.84/$1.00
Flax Seed (2) $5.84/ $1.00
Act $4.97/$1.00
Oral Relief Spray $5.79/$3.49
Beef Jerky (2) $6.99/$2.99

I added these up at the regular price and it came to $153.47. I spent $39.06. This is a difference of $114.41. I spent about 30 minutes extra in the store looking at clearance items. This amounts to $57.21 an hour I was paid to shop the clearance aisle! Now, someone may ask, "But do you really need these items?" I only purchase items that I will very likely use. My husband uses Dramamine, for example, and I like that this is natural. I happen to have a bi-fold door that needs repairing. We set up a pool in the summer that sometimes need repairs etc. I don't like to buy things I won't use. But I believe I will use every one of these items eventually. I get paid to take the risk that I will use these products and store them until I do.

Making a habit of stopping in the clearance sections of stores can help you know when something is really a good clearance buy. I am very happy with these purchases and know they are a great bargain.

Happy Savings!


  1. What a great deal of bargains! Thanks for the heads up to look for good clearances this month! :)

  2. Hope you find some great deals, Spicing Up Idaho!