Thursday, February 4, 2016

Saving Money on Eye Exams and Glasses

It's that time for me again. If you are like me you hate forking over all that money for your new pair of glasses. Especially for those of us who now need bifocals or trifocals, it gets very expensive!

I don't have insurance for eye exams or glasses so I like to shop around. Today, I was going to make an appointment at the Wal-mart eye center because that is where I usually buy my glasses. I asked how much for the eye exam and was told $79.00. Hmmm... I just remembered that I saw an advertisement for a $29.00 exam at Visionworks. So, I looked online and, sure enough, a printable coupon for my area. So I made an appointment and will get the exam for $29.00.

At you have to punch in your zip code to look at the local offers. There are also some more deals for glasses there but last time I went, I was unable to find a pair I liked. Some people can look good in many pairs of glasses. Me, I only look good in one or two pairs after looking at many stores. My face is very small so I have to look hard.

Wal-Mart usually has some very good deals on frames and lenses and I usually get my glasses there. I suggest starting at the lowest price area. If you can't find anything there, look at a higher price, but why fall in love with a pair of $129.00 frames if you can find a pair you like a lot for $19.00? If you never see the frames you fell in love with for that high price, you won't feel cheated. Sometimes, you have to let your head lead your buying. 

If you are one of the lucky people who looks good in many pairs of glasses, you may want to purchase your glasses online. There are pros and cons to this. Here is an article of the pros and cons:

And another food for thought article:

There are some good YouTube videos on how to buy glasses online as well. You can really save some money if you decide to do this. Some people are very happy with their online purchases. It's up to you to decide if you want to take this risk but it's always good to know it is an option!

For me, it's very important that I get a pair that looks good and works functionally well for me. I do a lot of computer work and I want to make sure I am not straining my eyes or tilting my head too much in any direction so I will spend a little more to make sure the lenses are what I want. Sometimes sacrificing quality is not the best investment, so I try to save on the exams and frames as much as possible and then spend what I need to (while cringing) on the lenses. 

Eyewear is always an expensive purchase but it is something you will be using and wearing everyday for a year or two so it is important to do it right. If done well, a person can both get a great pair of glasses and not break the bank!

Happy Savings!


  1. This is great information Lynne. Thank you for sharing on your blog. Even though my hubby and I do have eye care insurance, my sister doesn't have the insurance, so I will pass this information on to her. My sister buys a new pair of glasses every couple of years and it's so expensive for $500. I too have a small face, so I'm very limited to the type of frame I can wear...bummer! Take care.

    1. Thanks, tainterturtles! One thing I do is look on the inside of my frame and there is a number there which shows the size (an optical person can show you where) and that helps me a lot when looking so I can only try on frames in my size range. You may already do that but it really helped me out when someone showed me this!