Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Deck Staining Project Cost = $0.00

Here is a deck staining project before and after photos. Total cost for completion= $0.00. No, I didn't steal the stain. Well, almost. ;) It's like legal stealing. Some home improvement stores have regular rebates. If you buy the items there, they will give you your money back for purchase of more items at their store. You can use the rebate money for things you need or sometimes even for more free stuff, which ever you choose. A home improvement store in our area had free stain, free brushes and rollers and even free deck wash. All you had to do was pick it up, fill out the little card and mail it and wait for your rebate. The trick to this is to be sure to use the rebate check. So, with a little elbow grease from my son and I, we got this project and the back deck done as well and we still have stain left over for another day.

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  1. Your deck staining project turned out really awesome! And the fact that the stain was free is pretty cool too!!!