Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Zucchini and Yellow Squash

Do you have a garden or a neighbor who gives you zucchini or yellow squash? Do you wonder what to do with it all? Do they rot in your refrigerator and end up in the trash?

These yellow squash I grew in my garden. (I bought special seeds for this as most zucchini and squash is genetically modified nowadays. I try to stay away from GMO and I do pay more for that and think it's a good idea if you can afford it.) Squash and zucchini grow like crazy and there is always more than enough, it seems. Fortunately, these can be used for making breads, muffins, and cakes. So, I washed them off and grated them and put them into reused freezer bags (these have been washed out for reuse as you can see by the scribbled out words. It is not recommended that you reuse bags that have had meat in them. Do so at your own risk.) I just put some hot water in the bags and a squirt of soap, squeeze and rub them and rinse them out and hang upside down to dry.

Here are some recipes.

So here are two money saving tips today. Use up your yellow squash and zucchini by grating them and making baked goods and reuse your plastic bags. :)


  1. I still have a ton (well not really, but it seems like it!) of grated squash in my freezer from last year. I have got squash almost ready to pick as well, and our favorite way of eating them fresh is sliced and fried in butter with salt and pepper. Our favorite way of eating them frozen is in zucchini bread... got a good recipe to share? I have a favorite one that I use. I find that I have to "wring" the water out of the frozen and thawed squash before using it in bread, as too much liquid sometimes makes the bread drop.

    1. Thanks for the comments! I love hearing from people! I like them fried too. I have shared some recipes in the link above. Usually when the squash is defrosting, a lot of water will collect in the bottom, which I pour off before putting in the bread/cake.