Thursday, November 20, 2014

Give Yourself a .06 Cent an Hour Raise Tax Free for a Family of Four! Low Flow Shower Heads.

There are so many variables with this I almost don't know where to start. There are many, many kinds of shower heads. In addition, some heat with gas and some electric. However, I do know this: a low-flow shower head will save you money.

According to this article, you can save up to $32.50 per year per person in your family by switching to a low-flow shower head. There are a lot of nifty facts in this article to help you see the facts and figures on this topic.

If you want to be super duper frugal and save the most you can, you could purchase a navy shower head. You can turn the flow of water off with these so you can suds up with no water running. Personally, I'm a little more spoiled than that, but somebody might love this idea!

On a very quick google search, I see low flow shower heads from $9.62 (navy head) to $62.04. If you had a family of four and have an electric water heater, and you installed a low flow head  for $62.04, according to the facts and figures in the linked article, you will have paid off the shower head in about 6 months. After that, you would save $130.00 a year every year! That's about a .06 an hour raise for the year, tax free!


  1. Looks like I gave myself a 0.06 raise several years ago when I purchased low flow shower heads - yeah!

    1. One of these times I might actually come up with an idea you haven't already done yet! LOL!

    2. Your milk trick is a new one in the book for me! LOL!