Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving and Christmas Season: Stocking Up on Baking Supplies Saves $$

I should have done this blog a couple of weeks ago but time has a way of getting away. From a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving until Christmastime, I save a lot of money by stocking up on baking supplies. There are also other types of foods you can stock up on this time of year as well, like turkey, cranberry sauce, and the like.

This time of year, I buy all the baking supplies on sale I can and then I use them for the next 6 months or so. Most stores have a limit on the sale items you can get so I buy a lot and stock up. As an example of the savings I get, above you see:

Gold Medal Flour .99

Sugar 4# .99

C&H Pure Cane Brown Sugar $1.27

Hershey's Chocolate Chips .99

Canned Pumpkin: .63

I'm not even sure how much these items cost at full price, but I am going to guess I saved at least $4.00 on these few items. Since I buy this type of item whenever they are on sale and stock up, I probably save the $4.00 times 6 on the items above ($24.00) plus whatever I save on items like powdered sugar, sweetened condensed milk (which can actually be made with powdered milk!), cake and brownie mixes, crackers, and on and on. This time of the year is the time to buy these types of items. It is NOT the time of year to buy most Christmas presents and decorations. So, if you can get the when to shop down, the extra costs on stocking up for groceries this time of year does not become too taxing.

Here's to a full pantry and a happy holiday season. :)

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  1. Great tips! Buying turkey, sugar, and flour at this time of year beats prices all year long! I'm so glad that I bought my Christmas cards last year at 75% off - really makes it nice this year to not have to spend anything on cards, well... except maybe stamps! LOL!