Sunday, November 23, 2014

Secretly Stretching Milk, Almond Milk and Juice: Snicker While You Save

For years, I have been stretching the juice, milk and almond milk in my house. I started doing this secretly because I was afraid the kids (husband too) would say "Mom! What are you doing?? Now it tastes funny!!" and the like. Much of that is psychological. So, I just did it in stealth mode. When I knew nobody was going to be around, like a ninja I would take milk out of the fridge and fill the jug back up. Of course, you can only do that so much before someone WILL notice for real.

This is a gallon of whole milk. I hardly use milk in my house anymore as we have switched over almost completely to almond milk (the angels sang hallelujah at that feat!). But we used to go through A LOT of milk. So, when the jug would get probably a little lower than shown above, I would fill it back up once and shake it. When you consider the price of milk and how much we used, I am sure I saved a few hundred dollars doing this. The above jug would then look like the one below:

I add water to almond milk and cashew milk now. I do it so it is hardly noticeable because I don't want to notice either. I have thinned juice since the kids were very small. When you consider that this also cuts down on sugar intake, it not only saves money but it is better for everyone as well. Oh, and I don't do it secretly anymore! Happy saving!

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  1. This is something I've never tried. Will have to give it a shot and see if the hubs and kids notice lol!