Tuesday, December 9, 2014

How I Got $93.13 Worth of Items for $35.96

This time of year, Walgreens has some really great deals. All year long they have a number of freebie items but they seem to have more this time of year, plus they have jingle cash. You pay for your freebie items and then within 2 weeks need to use the coupons they give you that add up to the amount the items were worth. Three of the items in the above photo were free. These are:

1. The chocolate probiotics worth $7.00 for free.
2. The toothbrushes worth $2.98 for free. There was also a free toothbrush in the package as they usually have 2 to a package.
3. The vitamins were worth $10.00 for free.

The essential C was buy one get one free, so what would have been $18.98 was $9.99.

The Closys (which I use for the teeth regimen you can read about on another of my blogs) is normally $13.99 but was $10.99.

The Purex is normally $3.99 but was 2/$6.00.

As for the Silk milk and the bananas, someone gave us a $10.00 card  for Kwik Trip last year for Christmas and I rarely go to Kwik-Trip. I was driving by one yesterday so I got the milk on sale 2/$6.00 and the bananas for .38/lb. Then, I had two $1.00 coupons for the silk milk so the whole sale cost $5.63. I used the card so I got the stuff for free plus I have some money left on the card.

Then, because I spent $50.00 at Walgreens (before coupons), they gave me this to use next time I come in (it has an expiration date!) for $10.00 off. I counted that as $10.00 off this order.

Everything I bought with these coupons and the like was on sale or buy one get one free. When I have freebie coupons to use, I don't think "This is all free so I should just get what I want!" I still carefully choose every item to be on sale so I get the most for my dollars possible.

So, the total for all these items was $93.13 but in the end, after I use my $10.00 of jingle cash, I will have paid $35.96 for a total savings of $57.17.

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