Tuesday, December 16, 2014

How a 2 Bedroom/2 Bath Hotel W/ Kitchenette/Fireplace/Jacuzzi Tub, Waterpark, Themepark, Bowling, Gas and Eats for 4 Cost $215.79

We just had a great mini-vacation for our family of four. We stayed in a two bedroom two bath hotel room with kitchenette, jacuzzi and fireplace plus had waterpark passes for 2 days, themepark passes for 2 days, 8 games of bowling and shoe rental and all food and gas to get there for $215.79. It was boatloads of fun and my cheapskate ways weren't offended. As a matter of fact, they rejoiced! We went to the Kalahari in Wisconsin Dells and stayed in the Royal African Queen Suite.


Normally this room plus the waterpark passes would cost anywhere from $239.99 on a weekday to $379.99 on a high traffic day.

Every so often, when the Kalahari is going to be slow, they offer some really good packages. This package included everything above except for the gas and eats for $135.49. This includes all taxes.

The waterpark is a blast!


The themepark is also great fun!


Here is the breakdown of cost for us:

Hotel room package: 135.49
I mostly brought sandwiches and microwave meals for us (3 meals): $15.00
Cracker Barrel, our one out to eat: $46.90
Gas @ 50 MPG Prius: $18.40
Total: $215.79

This normally would have cost on a different day and eating out cheaply:
Room and Waterpark: 239.99
Themepark: 103.80
Bowling: 36.00
Shoe Rental:10.00
Cheap out to eat 4 meals: $80.00
Gas at 32 MPG: $28.75


This normally would have cost on a high traffic day and eating out at nicer places for 4 meals:
Room and Waterpark: 379.99
Themepark: 103.80
Bowling: 36.00
Shoe Rental:10.00
Nicer out to eat 4 meals: $175.00
Gas at 17 MPG: $54.12

We saved $282.75 over the lower cost package and $543.12 over the higher cost package. Of course, we would have saved the most by staying home but that also wouldn't have been any fun.

The trick to this is being willing to go when the deals are there. This can be tricky but works for us. We had to go on a weekday for one thing and there was only a 2 week time frame that this deal was offered. They have other deals at other times but this one is the best one I have seen.

Just look how much fun it is to be on a Ferris Wheel!

This is how I look after getting a bowling strike. 

Deals are there to be had if you are flexible and keep your eyes open. Happy deal finding!

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  1. Taking advantage of the great deals offered really does help if you are flexible with your schedule. That is really the key, isn't it! I am amazed at what an amazing little vacation you had and for just pennies! Incredible!!!!