Monday, December 29, 2014

Buy Christmas Items for Next Year Now!

Now is the time to buy Christmas items for next year. If you want specific things, you need to get to the stores as soon as possible. If you aren't too picky, you can get things cheaper in the next week or two. Now I am guessing most clearance sales are at 50% off, but later, they will go to 75% off and then 90% off. I like to buy at 90% off, but I don't need too many Christmas items either. Right now, you can also get Christmas clearance food times as well as long as you don't mind eating Christmas foods now!


  1. My hubby always buys the butter cookies that come in a tin and after Christmas you can usually find them really cheap. I also like to stop by Fleet Farm or Farm & Fleet for discounted Christmas goodies.

    1. Yes, it's definitely a good time to buy them! I also go to Mills Fleet farm after certain holidays for discounted goodies. They usually have some great deals! Thanks for the comments.

  2. I haven't been out shopping since the holidays ended - isn't that crazy! We are planning to go this weekend. I hope to find a few things on sale still!

  3. This is one of the best websites i have found. Heaps of cool stuff and so many amazingly cheap prices. I bought a few items for Christmas gifts. Gotta get in early so all the items arrive in the post in time hehe >>>>>> I Need This Now in my Life