Monday, March 2, 2015

Make Money with Copper Pennies

If you have a lot of spare time on your hands and want to make some extra money, here is a way to do it. Pre-1982 pennies are almost completely copper and are worth more than a penny! People separate them out and sell them in bulk on ebay.

Here is an article about hoarding them:

Here is a video on how to separate out copper pennies from the other ones:

If you go to ebay and look up cooper pennies bulk, you can see that bulk pennies are going for about twice their face value on ebay right now!

Here is an example of an ended listing:

If you decide to do this, the post office has boxes you can use for shipping that make shipping less expensive and allow you up to a certain amount of weight. You can order them for free here:
Click on the item for more details.

So, if you need an easy money maker and have time on your hands, you can go to a bank (probably one you have an account at) and ask for some pennies. This can also be a fun thing for kids to do. Have fun!

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  1. Another great idea! This is something my husband has shown our kids how to do, and we've come across quite a few real copper pennies this way!