Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Keeping an Eye on Those Credit Cards (and Other Bills)!

We have a couple of credit cards that we use and pay off every month. All our credit cards are at 0% interest. However, we keep a close eye on them. Here is something that just happened this week:

I got an email about next month's balance for a certain credit card. This card is one I use primarily for business purchases. The balance was quite a lot higher than I expected, so I looked at it right away.

This card is paid off every month. It is used for convenience and to get airline miles for freebie trips. When I checked it, the balance had not been paid off even though the money was waiting in the bank account and the transaction was supposed to be complete. Because the transaction was not complete and was 4 days late, there was a whopping fee and interest charge of $61.21! Woah! This was not sitting well with me.

I called the credit card company and told them the issue. They looked at my account and saw that, indeed, the card is paid off in full every month. They took the money out of the bank account and took off the $61.21 with no problem at all.

It pays to have good credit and good standing. I am not sure if the error was theirs or ours, but regardless, one phone call took care of the problem.

This can also happen with bills for various reasons. If it does, we do not hesitate to make a phone call! This can save a lot of cash if you get socked like this! If you do not think it is your fault, do not hesitate to say so, nicely. Mistakes happen and companies want to keep good customers and treat them well.

Happy savings!


  1. Wow. I've had to call a couple of times myself over different issues of billing, and generally most of them are willing to work with you, especially if, like you said, you are never late with your payments. Very good advice to make the call, and not delay!

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  3. so good you took at good look at it! Quite a difference in your bill and definetly worth the phone call!