Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Making Maple Syrup

A few years ago, I started making maple syrup from my own back acres. We have a very rudimentary system, but it works for simple home use. Here in the photo below, I am starting to trek out.

Inside this sled, I have what I need. Drill, containers, hoses and rubber mallet. I pull the sled along as I go.

Here's the trail.

Last fall, I looked for maple tress and put small orange flags by the maples so I knew where to find them.

7/16th's drill bit fit the hose ends I bought on ebay so I drill a hole low on the tree.

After the hole is drilled, I whack the hose end in with a rubber mallet.

Then I attach a container to the other end for sap collection.

The trial left by the sled is great for remembering where to go next time I come out!

 After all the collecting, we have to boil it down. Every year, we never know how much sap we are going to get but you have to collect 40 gallons of sap that boil down to 1 gallon of syrup. Yes, you read that right! We do the boiling outside on a barrel stove my husband made. I don't have a picture of that right now.

We had so much syrup a couple years ago, I didn't collect last year and we still have some left! I have more than what is below, but took this as a sample picture. I found a lot of prices for maple syrup online but it's safe to say $20.00-$25.00 for a quart.

I use maple syrup in smoothies and on pancakes and I make berry syrup with the berries on our property.
Happy savings!


  1. Wow! I know that it is a very involved process, but since maple syrup is so sweet, it lasts for a long time. It was great to see how you tap for maple syrup - unfortunately here where we live we have no maple trees, mostly pines. I hope you get lots of maple syrup this year!!!

  2. That's some process! We have tons of maple trees in our area, but I doubt they are the right kind. It looks like a lot of work, but I bet it's worth it with it every sweet sip!

    1. ~simply frugalynne~April 8, 2015 at 12:55 PM

      Hi Kim! Thanks for your response! As far as I understand (and I am no expert) it doesn't matter what kind of maple tree it is. You could probably find more information online but since you have a lot of maple trees, it could be well worth your look! Thanks for stopping by!