Sunday, April 26, 2015

Garage Sale Season is Upon Us! Like New 9 Man Tent for Cheap plus Rubber Mallet and It Was Tax Free!

It's garage sale season! I love garage sale season! There are so many great buys to be had. You just never know quite what you might get in this treasure hunt. 

I must confess this is one of last year's treasures. However, it was late in the year and I never set it up until now. My husband and I go camping every year. We go wilderness camping and so we canoe to get to our spot, which means tent camping only. We have been using a 3 man dome tent for years. Just last year, I thought we should upgrade and I began to think about it. Shortly, I found this like new nine man tent for $20.00! It has two rooms in it which I think we will like a lot. One room can have the sleeping bags and the other, a little area with table and chairs to stay away from mosquitoes and rain! (The cat did not come with the tent, he just wanted to pose for the photo shoot. :))

It also came with a free like new rubber mallet for pounding in stakes! It does seem that almost any time we need something, I can find it at a garage sale. The key is going regularly (which I have gotten lazier about in recent years) and patience. Knowing you will likely find what you need can keep you from running out and buying it.
When I look around my house, almost everything was obtained on the used market. Second to that, the clearance market. I feel good because not only am I finding things for less, but things are being reused that might not get used or possibly thrown in the landfill. I would much rather give $20.00 to my neighbor and save probably $100.00 plus not pay any taxes.

Happy savings AND happy garage saling! :)


  1. What a great find! We too bought a tent on craigslist that was a 2 cabin tent, and what a deal! Your camping trip in the wilderness will be so nice with this extra space! I too love garage sales, and am excited because next weekend is the BIG weekend here for May Day Sales, and I can't wait!

  2. ~simply frugalynne~April 27, 2015 at 8:03 PM

    I hope you find lots of great deals! Isn't it fun?