Sunday, March 20, 2016

Buying Used Furniture

 I recently bought this leather sectional. It has five pieces that connect together so the sectional can be changed around a number of different ways.
It also has recliners on both ends. This was originally a $4000.00 set and I recently saw it on a used site for $500.00. I bought it for $450.00!!

Almost all of the furniture in my house is used. I have been buying used furniture since we first got married, almost 30 years ago now. Things have changed in that time and buying used furniture is easier than ever. In the old days, a person had to scan the classified ads and there were no pictures. Now, with the internet, you can see pictures and there is so much at your fingertips!

I like Craigslist and I am also on a local Facebook page for used items which is where I found this sectional. I also shop garage sales in the summertime.

Some pointers are:

1. If you have a item in mind you are looking for, have some ready cash for these types of purchases. Items go fast and they will get snapped up if you have to wait to go to the bank. A lot of people want cash for these types of purchases and won't take a check.

2. When you see an item that interests you, call immediately. Be ready to drop everything and go look. We were packing for a vacation when I saw this sectional and we dropped everything. This isn't easy but it is the way to get the best items.

3. I always try to remember to ask if it is from a non-smoking home. I don't want to smell smoke every time I sit down.

4. I ask how old the item is, if there are rips or tears. I ask for dimensions so I can measure my area and save a trip if need be.

5. When I look at photos, I look at the area surrounding the piece. If I see a lot of trash, dirty socks laying around etc, I am much less likely to call. Chances are, if they didn't care enough to clean up to take a photo, they also didn't care enough to take care of the item you wish to purchase. Exceptions can be made but they are exceptions.

6. Always offer less than what the seller is asking for. I offered $400.00 for this sectional. The lady said no because she said she had 2 more lookers waiting in line after me. I told her she didn't know if they would show up or buy but I would offer her $450.00 right now and she took it! Afterwards, she said I drove a hard bargain but then laughed and said she would have offered $250.00!

7. When I get the item home, I usually clean it as much as possible because it just makes me feel better knowing I cleaned it!

So, like I said, I can't think of a single piece of furniture in my home that was bought new! We have saved a lot of money buying used over the years. People sell for many reasons and not just because their furniture is old and worn out. They might be moving and not want to take the piece because it won't fit into their new place. There are many like new items for sale. One of the best pointers I have is to be patient. It might take months to find exactly what you want. Be flexible and know that saving money equals freedom in the long run.

Happy Savings!


  1. Great minds think alike... I just bought an ugly looking table at a thrift store and painted it, and now it looks distressed and vintage, and I love it! Your tips are great on how to shop for used furniture, or anything online really. I like the one about looking at the picture to see if there is trash or things lying around. Indeed, you can tell a lot by that alone. Glad that you found such a nice piece of furniture, this will be a welcome addition to your living space!!!

    1. It feels so good to use something that otherwise would not be used anymore! I'm glad you got to re-use the table. It looks very cute!

  2. Great tips for local online purchases Lynne!


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