Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Stamp Prices to Be Lower in April!!

Yes, you read that right! If you need stamps, buy as few as possible until April 10th when stamp prices will go DOWN for the first time since 1919! The price of stamps will go down .02 a stamp.

See articles here:



That is a savings of $2.00 for a 100 stamp roll!

Happy Savings!!


  1. Really! That is crazy! With all the talk of the post office and their financial struggles, this must be a sign that things aren't as bad as they seem! Thanks for that helpful info!!!!!

    1. I heard from a postal employee that the huge deficits in their yearly reports are related to a bill that said they had to fill the pension funds to a certain level within 10 years and not because they are in dire straits. Funny how you never hear about that in the news!

  2. Thanks for sharing the good news Lynne!!!