Monday, May 9, 2016

Food in Your Yard! Fried Dandelion Heads!

I have never had fried dandelion heads until just the other day, but I will certainly be having them again in the future! Who would have guessed that this humble yard weed would taste so good??

I found this Appalachian recipe for fried dandelions:

First, after rinsing, they are soaked in eggs. 

Flour, salt and pepper are mixed and used to coat the dandelion heads. Then they are fried in butter.
I am very impressed with this recipe and idea I have never heard of before! I had this idea that if I soaked some in pickle juice, they would taste better, so I made some of each. The ones just as the recipe described were better than the pickle soaked ones. The pickle soaked ones are on the left and the regular ones are on the right.

 This is a very inexpensive dish! Just a little time, some eggs, flour and butter. (Make sure your yard is not chemically treated before you try this!)

Happy Savings!


  1. What a tasty, thrify and amazing dish to serve! I've never had them fried like this before, and I hope to give this a try :)