Sunday, May 1, 2016

All this for 41 cents!! And then I said "No More for Today, Please!"

I got all this today for only 41 cents!! Actually, I got more than this, but a few of the items I want to use as gifts, so they are not included in this photo. So, how did I get all this for .41?

First off, I got a $10.00 off for Kohl's in the mail. I get one a couple times a year. I also get them from JC Penney too but don't get there as often as it is further to drive to get to a JC Penney store. This $10.00 off was for anything at Kohl's so, I did as I always do and look only at clearance items. I found this pair of boots that were originally $79.99 and this pair of earmuffs that were originally $24.00. These items were both 90% off!! Then, when I applied the Kohl's coupon, the total came to .39 plus tax!

Secondly, I do something that I often do and go to Menards. Menards has great deals on many things and they have many items for free with rebate. The crackers you see are NON-GMO, no trans fats etc and have broccoli mixed in and on top of that, they taste good! These were free with rebate and no limit on how many you could buy. Then, I got 2 sets of pruning shears, some car wash, some lint rollers and some mystery items for gifts. They had more stuff for free as well, but I wasn't interested in those items even for free, because they take up space. Sometimes I buy those items just to give to charity.

I did buy a few other items at Menards but the items you see in the photo were totally free!!

It feels great to not only get needed and useful items but practically get paid to take them out of the store! Every area in the US has deals like this if a person hunts and looks and takes advantage of them. The trick is to figure out what the deals are in your area and take advantage of them.

Happy Savings!


  1. I got a Staples coupon in the mail today - 10.00 off an in-store purchase of $10.00... so basically 10 dollars in my mailbox... yippee... I will definitely be using it :) You share great advice as always! :)

    1. Thank you, SUI! I hope you find a great deal with your staples coupon!