Sunday, October 5, 2014

Dinner for Two: $11.50 Plus Tips vs $20.02 Plus Tips

My husband and I went out to dinner last night. (So sorry, forgot to take photos of the food!!) Anyway, we went to Stout Ale House. I hardly ever go out to eat without a coupon.

Stout Ale House has very good burgers. They are more of a sports bar/restaurant. I like the food and good deals (but wish they would turn down the music!)

Anyway, my husband had this:

Buffalo Curd Burger* - Topped with buffalo cheese curds and cheddar jack cheese and served on a kaiser roll - 9.49

And I had this:

Mushroom Bacon Blue Cheese* - Grilled mushrooms, bacon, and blue cheese crumbles top this 1/3lb chargrilled burger, served on a kaiser bun - 9.49

Many area radio stations all over the nation offer good deals on out to eat and all kinds of other things. If I were in a different area than I am, I would do a web search on the area radio stations and see what they offer. I would also do some web searches and just see what there is for coupon deals in that area. There are always, always deals to be found. Here in this area, there is also a place called Eau Claire Square that gives good offers.

Here are two places to get deals in my area:


So, our tab came to $20.02. Since I bought $50.00 of coupons for Stout Ale House for $25.00 plus a $3.75 handling fee, our total was $11.50. I have coupons left over for another time. These have to be used by a certain date or they will expire.

I hesitate to write about deals in my area thinking people will get discouraged thinking all the good deals are where I live. That is not true! You just need to sniff out the deals where you are, I know they are there. Happy sniffing! :)

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  1. Do you have Groupon in your area? I have gotten some really great deals through Groupon in our area. To my knowledge, we don't have any of those "books" in our area, but we live in the boonies, so it probably isn't profitable to do that. I need to see if the closest big cities offer one. That would be really handy to have.