Sunday, October 5, 2014

Saving on Meat: Today's Dinner

Since we have been starting to run low on venison, rather than waiting until we are out altogether, I check and see if there is any marked down burger now. These pre-made burgers are nice because I don't have to make them into patties (a real plus with Raynauds!)

I am making half of these today and half later on. I am also making some garden potato raw fries with them. Burgers are not really a cheap meal but they can be cheaper if you buy the meat on sale or mark down. I hardly ever buy really cheapy hamburger because we don't like it at all, so this is angus.

Yes, we did just go out to eat for burgers last night! However, I have half a burger left from my meal from last night and am going to eat that. We also have a few other leftovers (broccoli and rice) that I am adding as sides.

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  1. Homemade hamburgers are one of our favorite comfort foods to make at home. I buy the more expensive hamburger as well, so you don't lose all your meat to fat. But I don't like the meat too lean, because then the burgers are dry. About a 85 meat to 15% fat ratio seems to work well for burgers, at least in my experience.