Saturday, July 25, 2015

Frugal? Or Just Cheap?

I have been watching this reality show called Extreme Cheapskates lately. The things the people in this show do are unbelievable! I love frugality and saving money. But I think frugality is about saving money while still respecting the people you are around. Being a cheapskate means that saving money has gone too far, and you care more about saving money than you do about the loved ones and other people in your life.

For example, one man asked for leftovers off of other people's plates in restaurants, embarrassing his wife. Not only is this unsanitary and gross, but the man cared more about saving a little bit than respecting his wife's feelings. Another stole things from her family members and gave them back to them at Christmas rationalizing that they would be happy to get them back!

If I could sum up the difference between frugality and cheapness, it would come down to one word: respect. Is what you are doing respectful of others? There are many ways to save money and still respect other people. Here is an article about frugality and cheapness by Clark Howard:

The bottom line to remember in decision making about the difference between being cheap and being frugal is respect. Is it respectful to others? Does it make them feel like being with you or avoiding you? What is more important to you, saving money or being with people? 

Happy Savings!

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