Saturday, July 18, 2015

How a Near $1000.00 Vacation Package for up to 12 People Cost Us Less Than $500.00

Okay, I am not going to try and convince you this was an inexpensive vacation. For true frugality, a tent and hot dogs are frugal. However, this was a really great vacation for up to 12 people for a really great price! We just got back from Jellystone/Warrens Lodging where we spent 2 nights. This is a really fun family vacation site and the accommodations are very, very nice!

 The cabin is for up to 10 adults and 2 children. There are two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a loft with four single beds, washer/dryer, full kitchen. It is just like home!
 This full package with the cabin for 2 nights, a great waterpark with mini-golf, slide, lazy river, pool, pond etc, and a golf cart for riding around in costs $856.00 (plus the food which is why I said about $1000.00). There is a website for deals in this area called This site had a deal where this package was offered for half price! So the package cost $428.00. Since the cabin has full facilities, we did all the cooking in. I brought pizzas, burritos, cereal, anything that was easy and my Mom brought some sloppy joe fixin's. Aside from the exhaustion of packing and funning myself to death, it is a relaxing, great time!
Since this deal is for up to 12 people, the more people you bring, the less it costs per person. Frankly, I would never pay full price for this. It can even be hard for me to choke up $428.00 plus food but it is worth it! To find deals like this in your area, usually radio stations and newspapers are the place to look. If I were in an area where I didn't know how to find the deals, I would start with a web search for radio and newspapers. And I would keep my eye out on a regular basis. Basically, I let the deals pick my vacations for me. I do not try and pick the vacation first as that is a way to not get a deal. Also, deals like this are usually during slow times so you have to go on slow dates BUT you also usually have a much less populated resort and don't have to wait in line as long.

Happy savings!

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