Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Get Deals Like This Weekly! Save Oodles of Cash!

You really can get deals like this weekly. I do it all the time. All you need to do is roll up your sleeves and do a little front work. The deals in the above picture I just got today. I got MORE deals than this, but I didn't want to keep putting little price tag flags on stuff. :)

Most of these deal were gotten through ad match at Walmart. You can find information on doing Walmart Ad Match here:

Remember the software I said you could get for free the other day? That is the red Panda box in back.

And then I got a covered glass Pyrex bowl at Goodwill for .79!

Some people write me and say "I can't find any of those deals where I live". It may be true that it is hard to find deals where you live, but learning to be frugal means finding the deals where you are. I have lived in two different states and different states will have different "rules to the game". However, taking the time to figure out what those rules are and then playing by those rules will give you the edge you need to start saving.

Christmas clearance is true clearance now.

These stockings were .09 each. I bought quite a few. Think about all the different uses you could have for this next year. A party? For co-workers? For your child's class? For Sunday School?

Chocolate sucker .25

Little gift bag .24

Candy Melts .25

Chocolate Peanut Clusters 1.99

So, if you learn to think frugally, you can find deals like this weekly and save Oodles of cash all year long!


  1. I'm always inspired by your frugality! Seeing the deals you've gotten makes me want to load up my sales flyers and head to Walmart, lol! Actually we are planning a trip to Walmart this weekend (we usually only go once a month), and I LOVE saving money there, especially through the savings catcher as well. Thanks for keeping us inspired to save money!