Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Why Give Your Money Away to Water Bottle Companies? Re-use the Bottles!

It is amazing how much people spend on plain old water now-a-days. Big companies come into people's backyards and suck up water and sell it for oodles of profit (sometimes leaving those same people without their streams). I don't know about you, but I don't like giving my money away for little gain, especially to a big company. Water bottles fall into that category.

Once in a great while, when water bottles are on sale, I will buy a 24 pack. Then, when I need some (I use the word "need" loosely....no one actually "needs" these...that's what actual cups with lids are for but when I want to grab these out of convenience), I grab how many I need and then I use them and re-use them and re-use them. If I go away for a weekend, my bottle (which may have been in my cupboard having been used numerous times before) goes with me everywhere. I don't stop and buy one all the time. I simply fill it up where I am. If I am at a convenience store, I simply show it to the cashier when I walk in and ask if I can fill it. They never say no.

I also take an empty water bottle with me into airports. If you take a full one, you will have to throw it out before you go through security, lest you blow up the airport with a bottle of water. However, if you take an empty one in, you can simply fill it up after you go through security rather than pay $5.00 for a bottle of water.

Some people think that it is not safe to reuse water bottles, a tale started, no doubt, by the water bottle companies themselves. According to snopes, these rumors don't hold water. Get it?? Haha!


If you regularly buy these bottles of water on a regular basis, you can save good money by changing your routine a little and just give yourself a little bit of time to clean and refill your used ones.

Happy saving!

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  1. Great tip about taking water bottles to the airport! Reduce, reuse, recycle - it is all in the best interest of saving those $$!