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If You Love Using Tons of Coupons, This Blog is For You!

A person used to be able to get coupons on ebay for shipping and handling costs. Apparently the manufacturers didn't like that so ebay stopped doing it. I had gotten a few sets when I went through a coupon phase. I still use coupons sometimes, and so I ended up on this list. This is an email list done by one of the people who used to put sets together for ebay. If you are interested in LOTS of coupons, you can obtain them here. Just write a note to the email address below and Dana, the owner, will put you on the list. If you would mention my blog to Dana, I would appreciate it!

Here is the latest newsletter:

Kameelyon's Coupon Outlet

Thank You!

Thank you for your business and friendship in 2014!  Happy New Year!  I never thought the end of eBay would create such a wonderful group of people as customers and friends and I am very thankful!

I have been working very hard to ramp up and streamline my service to take better care of your coupon needs:  Better equipment, Better shipping, More Inserts. and More!

My Apologies!

A few months ago I made a change creating a dedicated email address to better serve your needs.  This caused many of my emails to go to your spam folder.  Big Mistake, I have corrected the matter and switched back to

Better Shipping!

  • I guarantee delivery of all orders!
  • All orders ship First Class FREE!
  • Tracking available for $1.75 on any order!
  • Orders $15+ have FREE Tracking!
  • Upgrade any $15+ order to Priority for $3.00!
  • Orders $50+ have FREE Priority Shipping with Tracking!
  • Priority Express (Overnight in most areas) is $18.

New Packaging!

On a less exciting note I have started using which creates a very BORING envelope that looks like JUNK MAIL but prints with barcoding that helps the post office deliver.  If it helps coupons get there faster I am all for it.

Larger orders ($15+ or 3.5oz+) will ship in the grey plastic envelope that many of you have already seen and Priority orders will ship in the appropriate USPS envelopes.

New Insert Sources!

I have developed new sources for inserts to make sure we get the best version each week!  This has also helped us to avoid the price increases you can see online.

New Shipping Schedules!

Since the Inserts will be coming from different sources, they will be arriving to me on different days of the week.  It is quite the process but I can ship out 99% of orders the following morning.

When you receive a list from me it will have the shipping day listed.  This is the day it ships out to you.  You will receive the list well in advance of that day so you can order the hot coupons 'before' they are listed online.

The shipping day will be correct 95% of the time, occasionally a one day delay will occur and I will advise everyone when that happens, this is usually around a postal holiday which slows the inserts arrival to me.

I will always be shipping out 'around' the date the coupons come out in the Sunday paper.  Some sources will now allow me to ship out on Saturdays!  Rare occasions will allow for Friday!  Others will ship on Monday or Tuesday and on rare occasions Wednesday but you will always know what day your order will ship before you place your order :)

New Pricing!

If the pricing does not make sense right away do not worry too much about it and please feel free to email me any questions you might have.

Please also feel free to submit the order you would like and then take a look at the invoice, it may then make more sense and if you do not like it you can always change it or cancel it as long as you do it prior to the ship date :)  I am not a tyrant and will not be enforcing the 'letter of the law' while we all adapt to this change :)

Coupon prices are increasing online.  Manufacturer's are desperately trying to end services like mine and the online websites you know.  I am working hard to make my service valuable to you and bring you the best value possible for your coupon needs while remaining more anonymous than conventional websites.

Pricing is still tiered; the more you buy the more you save! 
 The price you pay Per Set is now determined by how many 'DIFFERENT' sets you purchase as well as how many 'TOTAL' sets you purchase in 'one' shipment from 'one' insert.  One set is still $2.50 and you can pay as little as $1.60 per set.  Order just 3 different sets and your cost will only be $5.85 with free shipping!

Orders from different inserts are priced independently but qualify for shipping discounts if shipping together :)  Obviously if they are shipping together they ship on the later scheduled shipping day :)

Using the chart is simple:
  1. Top Row is the # of TOTAL sets you are ordering.
  2. Left column is the # of DIFFERENT sets you are ordering.
    1. To qualify as a 'Different Coupon Set' in the pricing structure you must order at least 33% (1/3rd) of the coupon you ordered most of.
    2. 1 set Axe, 1 set Tide, 1 set Progresso=3 different sets
    3. 4 set Axe, 1 set Tide, 1 set Progresso=1 different set
    4. 3 set Axe, 1 set Tide, 1 set Progresso=3 different sets
    5. 15 set Axe, 10 set Tide, 4 set Progresso=2 different sets
    6. 15 set Axe, 10 set Tide, 5 set Progresso=3 different sets
  3. You may order any number of any coupon sets, this just determines the price per set :)
Pricing for Sets ordered from ONE Insert in ONE Shipment
# of TOTAL Sets
# of DIFFERENT* Sets1  2.50  2.50  2.50  2.50  2.50  2.50  2.50  2.50  2.50  2.50  2.50
2  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00
3  1.95  1.95  1.90  1.90  1.90  1.90  1.90  1.85  1.80
4  1.90  1.85  1.85  1.85  1.85  1.85  1.80  1.75
5  1.85  1.80  1.80  1.80  1.80  1.75  1.70
6  1.80  1.75  1.75  1.75  1.70  1.65
7  1.75  1.70  1.70  1.70  1.65
8  1.70  1.70  1.65  1.60
9  1.65  1.65  1.60
10  1.60  1.55
*DIFFERENT COUPON SETS: To qualify as a different coupon set in the pricing structure you must order at least 33% (1/3rd) of the coupon you ordered the most of.  They must all be from the same insert.

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