Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Save Money and Add Health to Your Life with Beans!

Beans are a great way to save money and add health to your diet. Beans are very inexpensive and so good for you. You can definitely save on your meat bill by switching to using more beans and give your digestive system a break at the same time!

For some recipes, like tacos and burritos, instead of using a full pound of hamburger, you can use a 1/2 pound and substitute a can of beans for the other half. If you spend, say, $4.00/lb on hamburger in your area and substitute a .59 can of beans, you could save $1.41 on a meal simply by switching. You could even use a can of re-fried beans instead of any meat and save even more!

You can sprinkle beans on salads, put them in soups. You can even put them in brownies! Here are a couple links for bean recipes and you can find many more with a simple search:

Beans are so healthy for you that one local nutritionist who preaches eating beans so much, is known as The Bean Queen. She obviously recommends eating lots and lots of beans for many health ailments. 

If you used beans every day instead of meat 365 days a year and saved $1.41 every day (which most won't do but this is a good example of what you can save!) you would save $514.65/year. If you only did it once a week, you would save $73.32 in a year.

Beans are a very inexpensive source of protein. Protein sticks with you in a way that bread and fruit will not and keeps your sugar levels at a more even keel so you could save money on doctor bills as well.

Happy savings!

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  1. I am trying to eat more beans. I don't like beans. I can't eat a bowl of just beans, never have been able to, but slowly, as the years pass, I can now eat beans only if they are mixed in other foods. I like your idea of mixing it in with hamburger. I haven't tried that. It sounds like a great way to extend a meal. Great post!!!!