Friday, September 26, 2014

Everything in These Photos for $64.30 AND I Will Sell 3 Items Online for $54.99. Total Cost $9.31. How I Shop:

I shop like this every week. Seriously. And I have done it for years. There is so much stuff and free stuff and more stuff that I have to restrain myself from overbuying. That's not always an easy task.

This week I had to go rent out a storage unit to someone who needed one at one of our facilities, so I shopped in the town I was at.

First, $10.00 for all these bread products! 2 loaves of Sara Lee 100% whole wheat bread, 2 loaves potato bread, one package Wheat Honey bread rolls, one package of Apple Bagels and 4 bags of donuts that we didn't need but I got too tempted and didn't restrain myself. ;) If you have a Holsum or Hostess Bakery outlet near your place, it is worth a stop. Some of this will go into the freezer and some will be used right away but each item was $1.00.

The next items here were from Goodwill. I go to Goodwill quite a bit. I paid $13.97 in total. I love these completely wood stackable tables. I also got a vase, some like new Eddie Bauer Capris and some seeds which I will put into the freezer for next years garden.

Menards again. You may not have a Menards in your area, but there are always stores giving deals. If you keep your eyes open, you will find them. Little lanterns for Christmas gifts, .99 each, battery packs of 16 that I use all the time for my camera, $2.99 each, spray foam for insulating cracks to save MORE money on heating bills, $2.99 a can, microwave popcorn $4.44 and Honey Bunches of Oats cereal for $1.50 each. Total, $35.33. I will be sending in a rebate for some of this. 

Garage sale stuff. This stuff came to $6.25 so I asked the lady if she would take $5.00 and she accepted it. 2 of the CD's have never been opened. I listed those online at competitive prices, one for $13.00 and the other for $22.00 (2 are for me.) The games are for my son and I will list the golf shoes online for $19.99. So, if I sell the items, my total cost for all of this will be $9.31.
Add to that that I rented out a storage unit while I was there so I made money plus I will take mileage for the trip to the storage and back.

I think the key to this kind of shopping is to shop with a very open mind. I don't go looking for specific items usually, I let the items find me, and let the deals find me. I buy when the items are a good deal in front of me, so when I need or want the items, they are already within reach inside my house or garage. I do have some designated space for this so that is very nice. Happy shopping! :)

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  1. Pretty amazing frugal shopping experience! We don't have a close-by discount bread shop, and I envy the great deals you got!