Friday, September 5, 2014

Walgreens Freebies

Walgreens has freebies on a pretty regular basis. I got these epsom salts for free this week. Here is how: They have a rewards program called Balance Rewards. You can sign up here:

Once you sign up, you are able to get offers in the store, including freebies, coupons, and points you can use for money off purchases later. When you get a freebie, like the Morton Epsom Salts above, you have to pay for the item that day, then you get a coupon for the full purchase price to be used at your next visit. This must be used within two weeks or you forfeit the money.

Usually, as I am preparing my ad-match for Wal-Mart, I also go out to and look at the weekly flyer for Walgreens. (They just built a CVS in my area too, so I will also check them out soon.) I look for deals in the flyer that I am interested in to use the freebie coupon on. This way, I get freebies and also sale items. Also, I look for the next set of freebies and you can use the coupon for those as well. (I rarely pay full price anywhere for any item, but once in a great while, it does happen!) I also look for in-store deals when I am there such as clearance items.

I don't go to Walgreens every week, but I go there fairly often as it is worth the time to make the special trip. Happy shopping!

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  1. What a great idea on how to save! Getting things for free is a a real boost to your budget. I love Epsom salt by the way... use it for my garden. Plants love it. It is a natural fertilizer. Much cheaper than organic fertilizer too. :)