Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Fantastical Freebie Day

Boy did I have fun today! I decided, since I was going to Eau Claire today anyway, to do it up good for my blog, do some cashing in and total blowing of my diet!

Every year or so, kids or churches or whatnot, offer coupon booklets for sale. These are usually very good deals and they help the kids out too. I bought this one early this year:

I have used this coupon book all year long for more local deals. But today, I was going to Eau Claire and I only go there a few times a year. These coupons expire at the end of December, so it was time to use them up! I went through the booklet yesterday. Today, I first got a free frozen yogurt at Frogiyo.

This was a really good frozen yogurt and I enjoyed it thoroughly! I decided since I was going around getting free stuff, it might be nice to put in a link to the businesses who were so good to me. ;)

Then, I drove to get a free 30 minute massage! Yes! Free!

I was able to book online and got a massage from Cassie. They have very nice rooms that have a private bathroom attached!

Then, I drove to Mega Foods and got some free lunch meat and bread. I also got some ripe bananas for smoothies for .39 a lb and 1/2 gallon of chocolate milk on sale for .99.

Then, I went to Milwaukee Burger Company and got the best cheesecurds EVER! Free!!

I ate three of these and then got a box because these were HUGE! There were two left each for my family. I refried these when I got home and they weren't quite as good as fresh but still very tasty. This is more of a sports bar and restaurant. They also sometimes offer 1/2 off deals from the radio station but those go very fast. We have eaten here before and all the food is good.

I swung by K Mart and picked up some things and they had a clearance sale on Fla-vor-ice for $1.49 with a $2.00 rebate. So, I may get paid to get those! I often get some really great deals at K Mart, so I was really sad to see our local one shut down.

It was about time to go home and so I swung by Grizzly's and got a free chicken appetizer to go to take to the Fam. Here is their entryway, it looks really nice. The appetizer was a chicken breast with the wing attached.

These were especially nice when I got home since my son was supposed to cook but had to leave to go rent out a storage unit. So, I heated up the chicken and HUGE cheese curds, added some grapes and leftover mashed potatoes and we had a MEAL!

Tomorrow, I will take the bones from the chicken (that has a scant amount of meat) and make a one cup private soup for myself.

I did have some more free coupons, but I was tired and called it a day. ;) So, aside from some tips for the masseuse and servers, this was a fantastical freebie day.

So, when the kids come with that coupon book , make sure you buy one. ;)

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  1. Wow! Free yogurt, massage, cheese curds, chicken, bread, and enough leftovers so you didn't have to cook supper - a day can't go much better than that!