Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Pennies Pennies, Everywhere! This Time: Using Your Old Bread Crusts

There are truly many pennies everywhere, free for the taking. One way to pick up a few of these pennies is to use your bread crusts instead of throwing them out. I use them for toast for eating with spaghetti or cream of wheat. They don't flop over as easily as regular bread when you put some spaghetti on the bread before biting into it. I also sprinkle cheese on them and bake to eat with soups. When the kids were smaller, I made mini-pizzas and put tomato sauce and cheese on the crusts and baked them.

Here is a link with some ideas for stale bread:


And another:


I also took a photo of the spaghetti we had last night which was a very inexpensive meal. Bread crusts with butter, tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden, spaghetti noodles bought on sale, tomato sauce bought on sale (I don't like making my own) with venison my husband hunted and we butchered, squash, some wild and some store bought mushrooms, celery, and a garden tomato. The most expensive thing was the coconut oil I put on the noodles to keep them from sticking together. (Coconut oil is very healthy!)

Pennies add up to dollars, which add up to expendable income which used to pay down debts equal more financial freedom and less stress and worry. And there are pennies, pennies everywhere. ;)

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  1. I wish I had a penny for every piece of heel that my kids left and wouldn't eat! LOL. I actually like the heel, and usually eat them myself - but I love your idea of using it for garlic toast. I also checked out the link you provided to keeper of the home (which is a website that I've recently grown quite fond of), and her ideas are excellent as well. I have used old bread for breadcrumbs. Great ideas - keep those penny-saving ideas coming :)