Wednesday, September 10, 2014

So, Sometimes It's Not Just About Saving Money, but About Making Money: About $13.75 for 1/2 hour= $27.50/hour

Remember the free Zicam I got the other day? I listed it on Ebay and just sold it.

Now, I was not guaranteed to sell the Zicam, but this is an example of why I pick things up when I see them free or inexpensive and try and flip them online. I won't do this though unless I have a decent margin, because I don't want to waste my time. It probably took me less than half an hour to do this. Some things sell and some things don't and you learn as you go. I try and have a $10.00 margin of profit for things I list.

After subtracting out my fees and postage, I made $13.75 and my buyer got a great deal on some Zicam. ;)

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  1. Awesome! Love it when you can make some money off of free stuff!!!